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Program Duration

Jan. 07, 2020 - Feb. 15, 2020

Get Ready Today for Tomorrow's High-Paying Jobs
Learn Design Thinking


Prepare Yourself for the Future


More than 65% of the high-paying jobs within the next ten years do not exist today.  Our ground-breaking six-weeks program will help you build the most needed skills:  

  • Think creatively and crucially 

  • Communicate and interact effectively 


Internationally Diverse Student Community


The program have students from all over the world, giving you a rare opportunity to form internationally diverse teams to work on the given assignment and projects.  


World Renowned Course Content


We will learn about the most recognized and universally applied Design Thinking practices from MIT, Stanford, and Engineering Design Processes.  Most of the course would focus on the IBM's Enterprise Design Thinking.  


Showcase Your In-Demand Skills to the World


Upon successfully completion, the students would have and a opportunity to earn IBM's Badge for Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner's Digital Badge and showcase it to employers on their social media sites.  


Universally Applicable Skills Set for Anyone, Anywhere


The skills you would learn is beneficial for anyone who is in a role to solve today's and tomorrow's problems using advances in technology.   


Duration Six Weeks; Cost $0


For limited time, the program is offered at no cost.  Enroll Today, and finish the program in six weeks, by learning from anywhere anytime.  


A Course Offered By 

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods.

Design Thinking revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of the people for whom we're designing the products or services.

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